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We are committed to helping people learn to find, grow and consume high brix, nutrient dense food and to offer the very best products to grow and process that food at great prices


Fix My Soil really is a "dream come true"... It all started when we found out my wife was pregnant with our little girl, Leah. We didn't have much income and my motto was "cheaper is better" when it came to buying food. We really didn't care at all what we ate, as long as it was inexpensive. We got the Sunday paper literally for one reason only, the grocery store ads. We would scan the two major local grocery stores and see who had what on sale that week and we would buy and stock up on whatever was on sale. I remember one time Hamburger Helper was on sale for $0.89 per box and we got 6 cases. No joke! Looking back, it makes me sick (and given our state of heath at the time, we were sick).

Something happened, though, when my wife got pregnant with Leah. I read an article published in Consumer Reports Magazine on organics. The article went into detail about the herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones used in commercial food production and that there was evidence that children who eat commercially produced food do have detectable levels of these harmful chemicals in their body. They also mentioned studies that indicate young children with developing nervous systems are more succeptible to problems from these chemicals. Well, someting happened after reading all that. We both knew we needed to make some changes and we took the plunge and went to almost 100% organic.

We started shopping at a local health food store buying organic food, buying raw milk from a local farmer, and threw away our non-stick cookware in favor of cast iron and stainless steel. These steps came with an incredible price tag and we had to seriously cut back in other areas. Somewhere along the way we learned about the brix concept and the work of Carey Reams and that changed our lifes forever! We purchased a refractometer (brix meter) and started testing the organic food we had been paying such a premium for. We were sadly dissappointed! From a chemical free, non-GMO perspective it was good, but organic does not ensure nutrient density.

This led to an ongoing quest for nutrient dense food, where true health comes from, and we discovered the desire, and need, to grow our own food as much as possible. We dug up some ground at a friend's house as well as helped part time at a local vegetable/berry farm to trade some labor for farm fresh produce. This was good, but still not achieving high brix.

Reams said, "All disease is the result of a mineral deficiency". The right minerals are needed in the right proportions in the soil for plants to thrive and that same principle applies to people as well. We need the right minerals in the right proportions to thrive. We follow the principles of Carey Reams to balance and remineralize the soil to grow high brix, nutrient dense food. We use a soil test that indicates what nutrients are biolocically available to the plants and then create a custom fertility plan specific to that garden or plot of land. Click here to learn more about high brix soil testing and high brix gardening.

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We are committed to helping people learn to find, grow and consume high brix, nutrient dense food and to offer the very best products to grow and process that food at great prices. Our goal is to provide you 100% satisfaction in your experience with us! We feel that the best way to build repeat business and a long lasting relationship with our customers is by treating them right and giving them the highest quality customer service, along with unmatched product selection and competitive prices. If we ever fail to meet your expectations please contact us and we will make every attempt possible to meet and beat your highest expectations in order to make you a happy customer.

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