Fix My Soil Step #1: Start Where You Are

Fix My Soil Step #1: Start Where You Are

By Jon Frank

 In a sequence of 7 articles I want to layout the premise of Fix My Soil and will highlight the important steps along the way.

But first we must address the end goal. A healthy soil will automatically have an abundant harvest with superior flavor, nutrition, and health impact. A truly healthy soil will raise vegetables of such quality that people will be astounded.

When you repeatedly hear this sentence, you know you are making great progress. “Wow, Your ___________ (fill in the blank) tastes amazing. I had no idea ____________ could taste this good.”

To achieve this quality, soil must first be optimized. It must have the right environment for roots and microbes.

  • The bad news is that soil can’t fix it self. It needs your stewardship.
  • The good news is that it can easily be done.
  • The bad news is that you have to pay up front in the form of minerals and carbons.
  • The good news is that you get the minerals back in the form of tasty food.
  • The bad news is that it will take some time.
  • The good news is if you follow the Fix My Soil Program, we can cut the time in half.
  • The best news is this quality of food dramatically improves your health and energy. And it isn’t available in stores no matter how much you are willing to pay for it.

The same health impact applies when raising feed and forages for livestock. Animal performance such as weight gain and milk and yield will improve substantially.


The starting point is always the decision to take action. And the first action is to begin with a soil test and keep repeating once a year. The soil test lays out a plan of action; what to apply and what to avoid.

When taking this path, it is important to have reasonable expectations—especially in the beginning. Soil transformation is essentially a biological process and this takes time.

As an example, most soils are low in available calcium. To correct this insoluble limestone rock is applied as a fine powder. Soil microbes convert this to available calcium over the course of several months to 2 years after application. As it becomes plant available calcium the soil test will show higher levels of calcium.

My point in this illustration is to caution against unreasonable expectations. By applying a custom blend of minerals and carbons the soil begins the transformation process. Everything you apply will come back to you in the crops you harvest.

Where You Are

The starting point of your soil is quite variable compared to other soils across the country. Many soils are quite depleted, certain soils are overloaded with nutrients, and most all soils have significant imbalances.

Truthfully it doesn’t matter where your starting point is, the goal is always the same; move the soil toward ideal.

Through the process of yearly soil testing, the custom application of minerals and carbons, harvesting crops, and the never-ending work of roots and microbes; soil is transformed. If done correctly, the excessive nutrients will be reduced and the deficient or missing nutrients will be increased.

As the level and ratio of available nutrients moves closer to ideal it changes the physical environment for roots and microbes. The soil is starting to transform into an environment capable of very high yield with much better flavor and nutrient density. The key is to consistently repeat this process every year.

Think of this whole process as a collaboration. It only works when each partner provides its unique function.

  • People – Starts the process of stewardship, provides minerals and carbons
  • Plants – Gathers solar energy to make carbohydrates and feeds the microbes energy
  • Microbes – Digests minerals to become plant-available nutrients, transforms soil environment

Today is a great day to take the first step toward soil transformation and it all begins with a soil test. With this test you get:

1. A Map – To tell you your current location; a soil test

2. A Prescription – A customized fertility program specific to your soil and crop

3. A Consultation – A follow up call to explain the soil test and the fertility recommendations

If requested you will also receive:

4. An Offer – To supply all or some of the fertility components your soil needs shipped direct to you

For more information on soil testing please read Soil Test – A Strong Foundation.

In my next article we will take a deeper dive into the foundational minerals and why they are so important.


Jon Frank

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