Step 1

Download and print the Soil Test Order Form. This will explain how to take a soil sample.

Step 2

Collect the soil sample and fill out the Soil Test Order Form.

Step 3

Send your soil sample and completed Soil Test Order Form with payment to:

International Ag Labs, Inc.
800 W. Lake Ave.
PO Box 788
Fairmont, MN 56031

What happens next?

You will receive a print out of the Soil Analysis Report that shows your specific lab results, in addition to what the target values should be. You will also be given a custom fertility recommendation indicating what is needed to remineralize and balance your soil. Lastly, you will receive instructions about what microbial inoculants, nutrient drenches, and foliar sprays are needed to help you achieve your goals of High Brix, nutrient dense food.

Fix My Soil has all the recommended products available for purchase in the Garden Products section of the Online Store. We can also blend your annual broadcast in our warehouse.

If you haven't already done so, you may want to learn more about the soil test.