Fix My Soil Garden Program

Fix My Soil uses a special soil test that measures what mineral levels are biologically available to the plants. Testing the soil for available nutrient levels, which is used to balance and remineralize the soil, is the cornerstone of the Fix My Soil Garden Program.

The Fix My Soil Garden Program is really a 3-part program. First a soil test is taken to determine a starting point for your soil remineralization program. Secondly, on the basis of the soil test, an annual broadcast mixture of soil amendments, fertilizers, and microbial inoculants is custom formulated for your specific soil. Lastly nutrient drenches and foliar sprays are used in order to increase the mineral density of produce and keep the soil high in available nutrients.

The second part of the program is the nutritional foundation of your soil’s health. Without it the foliar sprays and nutrient drenches are considerably less effective and the ability to achieve high brix is seriously limited. For this reason the annual broadcast of nutrients is considered a critically important component in the Fix My Soil Garden Program. Below are listed the specific tests you may choose from:

The Soil Tests

S-1 Soil Analysis with Recommendations
S-2 Formazan - Microbial Activity & Soil Index
S-3 Soil Analysis without Recommendations
S-4 Boron
S-5 This is a standard Base Saturation/C.E.C. soil test
S-OP Sulphur
S-OP Organic Matter

*** The tests in Red are recommended for the Fix My Soil Garden Program.


Please note that the Boron test is not needed every year. Boron, however, is a crucial mineral needed to help mobilize calcium in the plant. For this reason, we recommend the S-4 Boron test each year until the levels are adequate, then test for Boron every other year after that.

For example, if your 1st year test reflects adequat levels of Boron, your fertility Recommendations will not indicate the need to add Boron. You would not need to test for Boron the 2nd year. You may skip the 2nd year and test for Boron again the 3rd year and every other year after that.

Alternately, you may test for Boron the first year and the levels are low. Your fertility Recommendations will indicate the need to add Boron with the annual broadcast. We would then recommend you test for Boron again the 2nd year. If the levels are adequate, you would not add any Boron the 2nd year and then skip the Boron test the 3rd year. You would then order the Boron test the 4th year and then every other year after that.

Getting Started

We set up a simple page called... you guessed it, Getting Started. Just follow a few simple steps and you're on the way.