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BrixTek Refractometer

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BrixTek RHB-32ATC Brix Refractometer with Automatic Temperature Compensation

All-purpose Model RHB-32 Brix 0-32°

Industrial (not Economy) Series – this is the new style of this refractometer.

This refractometer is easy-to-use, rugged, and comes with a 5-year warranty! The straight-forward instruction manual will have you up and running without delay or frustration. The BrixTek model RHB-32ATC feature a broad 0-32° Brix range making them ideal for testing industrial fluids.

Best Value

  • High quality for the lowest price in the industry
  • Includes calibration screwdriver, plastic pipette, wipe cloth and hard plastic storage case for maximum protection!
  • Backed and personally inspected by Fix My Soil, LLC to ensure unit is complete and ready to use!


  • Fruits, Vegetables and Grasses
  • Beer and Wine
  • Metalworking Fluids


  • All Metal Body
  • Drop Tested daylight plate with hinge
  • Unheard of 5 year warranty from Fix My Soil, LLC

Easy to Read

  • Focusing eyepiece
  • Translucent blue background
  • Brix Scale for sugar-related liquids in juice, wine, soft drinks, honey, and food
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