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Gourmet Garlic

If you love garlic, you've come to the right place. Here at Fix My Soil, we are extremely passionate, almost fanatical, about quality. Everything we do is about about creating the most healthy, mineral rich soil to grow the most healthy, nutrient dense crops. We go above and beyond what most people would typically consider with regards to fertility and the results are impressive!

We have been growing garlic for a few years now and the quality has been consistently high based on the brix testing we have done. Brix measures total dissolved solids and provides a way to quantify overall quality. Go to the downloads tab to see a brix chart. For garlic, the numbers for Poor, Average, Good and Excellent are 28, 32, 36, with excellent starting at 40. Of all the samples tested, only one came in around mid-30's. All the rest were over 40 with the highest clocking in at 48.3! Jon Frank, the agronomist we work with, said he has never seen a brix reading that high for garlic! Next year we will be doing nutritional analysis to quantify the nutrient density.

Our main focus is to help others "Fix" their soil, but we follow the same principles here and garlic is just a fun crop to grow! The process is simple. Start with a comprehensive soil test, apply the needed minerals and biology to create the right environment and then crops grow to their full genetic potential. The key is balance... getting the right levels and ratios of minerals coupled with a thriving microbial population. We follow the principles set forth from Carey Reams. Reams always said, "Why guess when you can know for sure. Go by the numbers."

You won't be disappointed. This garlic is truly amazing!

We provided samples to local chefs and this is what they had to say:

  • "This garlic is some of the best garlic I've ever used or tasted, possibly THE best by a fair margin! It's flavorful, rich, buttery and everything you could want or dream of from garlic. I look forward to playing with these amazing ingredients more." ~ Chef Jesse P.
  • "This is hands down the highest quality garlic I have been able to find. Heritage varieties presented in optimal growing conditions. Properly cured. Always a pleasure using gourmet garlic from Fix My Soil." ~ Chef Aaron S.