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Primal Plant Food - Bulk Without the Fancy Jar, 30 lbs.

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MASSIVE SAVINGS PER POUND! Buy Primal Plant Food in bulk and get $90.00 off! That's a discount of over 35%!

  • LIGHTNING FAST! Primal Plant Food is made with the highest quality micronized ingredients. This means rapid nutrient absorption by the plants, which means fast results for your garden!
  • 100% ORGANIC! Primal Plant Food is made with 100% organic, all natural, and non-toxic materials! This means you can feel completely at ease knowing Primal Plant Food is great for both plants AND the environment!
  • OUR 100% NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED GUARANTEE! We are so confident in this product, that if you don’t see MASSIVE results in 30 days, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked! That’s right, when you buy Primal Plant Food, you have nothing to lose!
  • All PURPOSE! You can use Primal Plant Food on vegetables like tomatoes, cannabis, corn, and beans, to fruits like blueberries and strawberries, to flowers, shrubs, and houseplants! Primal Plant Food is one of the best organic fertilizers ever made, it works on everything!


What Is ‘Primal’ Plant Food?

Long before man walked the planet, Mother Earth was feeding her children. One way was through mineral-rich ash, which is hurled into the air in a thunderous volcanic explosion, and carried all over the earth. Another way was fine glacial dust, created by rock rubbing against rock for thousands of years in the glacier, which then melted, leaving behind fine dust. This dust was then picked up by the winds, and scattered all over the world. We have taken nature’s design, perfected over the eons, and made it our own. This is truly a ‘Primal’ Plant Food.

What makes Primal Plant Food superior to other plant foods?

It is the dynamic interplay of microbes and rock powders working in tandem. Rock powders are provided to mineralize the soil and feed the microbes, and the microbes to digest the rock powders into soluble nutrients. Primal Plant Food also contains often-neglected, but highly needed secondary minerals like calcium (critical for plant cell walls), magnesium (vital for photosynthesis), silicon (crucial for disease and insect resistance), and sulphur (required in building certain amino acids).

Why does Primal Plant Food Work so Well?

Any of our product components by themselves would work well, but by stacking them together, they create an entourage effect. All the elements in Primal Plant Food work synergistically to create a truly outstanding product. We believe this is why so many of our customers LOVE Primal Plant Food!

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